Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

A sizeable part of our Houston Armenian community has been affected by Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding.  We are working on ascertaining the needs of the community and are raising money that will 100% go towards benefiting those families in need.  Donations for relief will not be used by the church for itself, unless noted as “Regular Donations”.


Funds are starting to be collected across various areas to support the Houston Armenian Community.

  • Armenian Church Eastern Diocese of America: donate by check to our Diocese in New York, and they will wire the funds to us at a regular interval.  Ensure your check includes “St. Kevork Flood Relief” in the memo.  The Diocese will send you a tax deductible letter.
  • PayPal Giving Fund: pay online by credit card, provide your name and email or remain anonymous.  You will receive letters and tax deductible information from PayPal Giving Fund and we may receive your name and email address if you choose.  Funds will be received within 15-45 days.
  • Square Store: you can donate online to our Square online store.  There is a roughly 3% fee for credit card transactions, but we will receive the funds next business day.  We will also receive your name and address so we can send you a thank you letter and your tax deductible letter.
  • For now, please don’t mail us any checks.  We are not sure when we can start receiving regular mail again.  If checks are the only option, you can hand deliver them to the Parish Council or Pastor and we will get them processed.  Please put “Flood Relief” in the memo (or something of that sort).

Other Ways to Help

You can also go to the Houston Armenian Community Help site to request help from or offer help to the community.  This sites lets you request and offer services and to request and offer lodging.